Surgeon Education

Avana is committed to enhance the knowledge of surgeons and be part of their orthopedic education through technique and product training.


OrthoPedia is a cutting-edge and all-encompassing online platform that offers comprehensive orthopedic surgery education for both healthcare professionals and patients.

It serves as a global leader in providing valuable resources and information in the field of orthopedics. By catering to a diverse audience, OrthoPedia aims to facilitate knowledge dissemination and promote understanding of orthopedic surgery.

ArthroLab is Now in India

Arthrex Medical Education Team is committed to providing the finest educational experience focused on the safe and effective use of Arthrex products and techniques. Explore More



The Arthrex Medical Education Experience

Arthrex Medical Education focuses on providing orthopedic surgeons, with advanced training and education in the field of orthopedics. Offers a variety of educational programs, workshops and courses all over the world to enhance the skills and knowledge of medical professionals using its products and techniques. Explore More!