About us

Our Mission

AVANA’s mission ‘Preserving Health’ comes from the concept of ancient Sanskrit definition of AVANA as Preservation. Since its inception, AVANA’s strategy has always been to sustain a customer-centric culture by their focus and dedication.

Transforming Healthcare through Technology

AVANA is building on a strong history of success to enhance the value it provides to healthcare providers and their patients. The company shares a commitment with healthcare providers to partner in providing the best and the most innovative technologies, treatments, and solutions to deliver high quality, cost-effective patient care.

AVANA is the first organization in India to introduce Global leader Arthrex’s Adjustable Loop TightRope Technology and ‘Bone Conserving ACL Repair Solutions’ as GraftLink Technique, in shoulder, Knotless Technology for dislocations and rotator cuff repairs which have redefined early mobility and has significantly improved outcomes for patients with a reduced pain.

Our Vision

Company’s vision is to maintain its position as the market leader for Joint Preservation while deepening its product presence in Orthopedic specialty.

our vision

Incorporated in 2009 in Chennai with channel partners in all major cities, AVANA proudly unites
best and direct industry talent of 80 and an indirect team of over 250 individuals, dedicated to
achieve the mission. AVANA has continued to lead the Indian Orthopedic industry with 30% revenue
growth every year since its establishment.

AVANA has well established three pillars of excellence, which are – Partnering with Orthopedic
Surgeons in their pursuit of medical education with excellence; Attracting Best in Industry
Talent with continuous development of skills and knowledge; and Customer Centricity driven by
building relationships within the orthopedic and surgical communities, and also focusing on
reach of innovative therapies which have proven success in patient outcomes.

our vision

Avana Group has been officially certified as a “Great Place to Work for All.” Great Place to Work® Certification™ is the most definitive “employer-of-choice” recognition that companies aspire to achieve, and we have achieved it!

Avana Medical Devices has also been awarded as The Most Trusted Name in the Medical
Technology Space.
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